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The days of simply holding up a product and listing the features are gone.

As creatives, we now have to communicate what those features mean to someone, what the product or service changes in their lives.

I have been doing this while adapting my skills to the ever changing commercial industries.

I have been responsible for award winning art direction, graphic design, press, TV, posters, radio, web design, experiential & social media.

I’ve worked around the world, gaining valuable experience in the advertising & design industry, briefing producers, directors, editors and commissioned photographers, illustrators, model makers, visualisers, freelancers and working on a wide variety of pitches.

I work well as a leading member in a team environment; motivating and managing other creative staff and freelance talent.



Award winning senior creative.



I’m highly conceptual, and can inspire and spot creative ideas and nurture them within their teams and clients.

I have a great eye for execution and typography along with the ability to develop those crafts and skills in others.

I’m a hands-on creative, I’m into apps, websites,

film, photo shoots, print.

I love design and I’m constantly on the lookout

for something fresh.

Clients? You name them I’ve worked for them.

Solving problems is what I do, having  an empathetic approach to creative problem solving.

Over the years I have helped find and keep millions of loyal customers with my work.

Give me a call on; 07765466622 and I will do my best to help you crack those problems.


a bit more about me.



Design is fundamentally a problem-solving discipline, and you can’t solve a problem unless you first understand it. In the world of design, empathy is the process of understanding the problem being solved and the people for whom you’re solving it.

Give me a brief, (problem) and I will solve it.

Why Hire Me

Anyone can use an ap, its not that hard. Its what you do with it that makes the difference.

A Director once said to me that, 'he was worried anyone could do his job because video cameras were freely available', I said, 'so are pencils but not everyone is using them to write fantastic books'.

I always start with a great idea or message, something that will make you smile, then I would craft it, its what I'm good at and why you should hire me.

Mountain Bikes & Chess

I do both, but sadly not at the same time, its what I do when I'm not working on a brief.

I love my mountain bike and you could bump into me over the hills of Kent most weekends.

When I'm not on my bike I'm playing chess, I'm a member of a Chess Club and we meet most Thursdays, I'm not as good as the older members but I'm catching them up.

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    Roy McAloney

    Advertising & Design


    Creativity at its core, is problem solving. And the problem we have historically aimed to solve, as professional creatives, is, how do I create more consumers for the brands I represent?